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Group Therapy

Shaun McMahon is a Psychotherapist who offers group therapy sessions to adults in person in Moonee Ponds, Victoria.

Group therapy takes many shapes and forms. You might be familiar with group therapy from movies and TV shows; a group of people sitting in a circle discussing a topic that brings them together, such as addiction, shared experience of trauma or a mental health issue. 


Interpersonal Group Therapy is similar in that it involves a group of people getting together with a shared purpose in mind; to explore and understand their experience of human relationships. This might sound rather vague. However, for most people relationships are one of the most important parts of our lives, often a source of greatest joys, but also our greatest disappointments.


Whether or not they recognize it, most people begin individual therapy experiencing some kind of relational disturbance. This might be happening in a current relationship, such as a romantic relationship or work environment, or might have begun in difficult childhood relationships, the effects of which are still being felt in adult life. 


Individual therapy occurs between two people, a therapist and a client, thereby simplifying the experience of relationship. This generates a sense of safety, and allows the client to solely focus on their own experiences, the therapist acting as a guide for this exploration. 


However, individual therapy also has limitations. As there is only one person in the room, it limits the difference in experiences and perspectives you’re exposed to. It also does not match up with what happens in the real world, where you’re often engaging a variety of different people who all have different ways of experiencing you. 


Interpersonal Group Therapy uses human relationships as a means of activating and exploring what’s happening in and between people. This takes place in a tight container of therapeutic expectations so that it’s safe. This means that people will be encouraged to share their thoughts and feelings of their experience of you, without giving their opinion, advice, or trying to ‘fix’ you.


While the prospect of getting together with a group of strangers and sharing your experiences might feel daunting, over time Interpersonal Group Therapy can lead to incredibly rich and rewarding experiences which are seldom found in other contexts, including individual and couples therapy. It can greatly enhance your individual therapy and lead to more fulfilling, meaningful relationships in your day to day life.

Now Taking Expressions of Interest


I am currently taking expressions of interest for Interpersonal Group Therapy. If you would like to be kept on a waiting list for future groups, please fill out a form by clicking the button below, and I’ll be in touch to speak to you about joining a group

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